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Increasingly more and more people in the UK are using the Internet to seek out goods and services and this trend is only set to continue. This is especially true in highly competitive mark ets such as private and commercial insurances.

No doubt you have searched for "car insurance" on one of the major UK Search Engines and been put off by the sheer volume of pages returned, often to find the same small group of Insurers turning up on many of the highest ranking sites.

Quite often these websites are crammed with text for the benefit of Search Engine Crawlers serving only to distract the user.

That's why we have kept our directory clean and simple and in most instances you are only there clicks away from a competitive Insurance Quote.

We have teamed with a top UK online media company to bring you a directory of around 40 specific Insurance Categories with an average of 20 Insurers in each giving you Quick Click Access to around 800 different Insurance options, all under one roof and only a few clicks away !

This website is completely free to use and all quotations obtained via this site are free and without any obligation.

No single Insurer can offer the best quote for every type of insurance, driver, car, location etc. However, some companies will offer lower quotes than others for the exact same set of circumstances if they have a more favourable claims history for a particular post code, age group, type of vehicle etc.

We can't emphasise enough that you obtain several quotes from this website in order to ensure you are getting the best deal.

The cost of motor insurance is usually the most influential factor however quality of cover is also important. Most major Insurers now recognize this as being as important to the customer as price. Check for protected no claims bonus schemes, check levels of policy excess, check for discounts for mature drivers and lady drivers and discounts for paying the year's premium in one installment.

Most Insurers offer monthly installment options as well.

We feel confident you will find the better value quote you deserve !



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